The voyage begins!

Starcross Yacht Club recedes into the distance.

To quote Shakespeare:

There is a tide in the affairs of men
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

A bit dramatic perhaps! It’s a quote I have often repeated to myself at key decision points in my life. And as decisions go this is amongst the most significant I have made. The weather was set fair and we rode the current past Portland Bill and into Poole to a very calm anchorage behind Brownsea Island.

Sunset over Old Harry Rocks

Yesterday was a shorter trip, mostly tacking against a head wind, which brought me to Lymington to the recently upgraded Town quay. No dramas (!).

As the easterlies diminish, hopefully after the weekend, I shall be making my onward passage to Ramsgate before turning left, and turning left and turning left and so on! Well hopefully it will be a bit more interesting than that!

In case you were wondering – Thalmia is behaving very well and the skipper is doing well also! Next update hopefully from Ramsgate! Thanks for following me!

Published by Derek

Having started sailing later in life I have migrated from a 14ft dinghy via a Sadler 26 to a 32ft Westerly Fulmar. I sail mostly single handed in the South West from the Solent to the Scillies or across to the Channel Islands and ajacent French coast. In 2020 I planned to sail mostly single handed around Britain. Due to Covid-19 this was unfortunately not possible. I finally completed that challenge starting in April 2021: finishing in early July. You can check out my journey and experiences, good and not so good in the blog posts below or my YouTube channel - search for “voyages of Thalmia” -

16 thoughts on “The voyage begins!

  1. Derek,hope all is going well.Now I’m not much of a sailor but am I correct that you would like these keen N Easterleys to calm down?


    1. Too right Dave! Currently stuck in and around the Solent! Not quite storm bound but very frustrating! Hey Ho such is the life of a sailor!


  2. I suspect your getting the full on easterlies that I’m getting in the Solent and look like lasting fir a few more days so you’re not missing much not being launched!


  3. Derek

    We are delighted for you that the voyage has begun!

    We watch from afar with great interest and some envy.


    Kiwi Phil & Theresa


  4. Great news Derek. Not directly relevant to Thalia but I hope you know why I say that I hope you left Mrs Thalmia in good fettle. Cheers and good sailing. Jim


    1. Thanks Jim, the number one lady in my life (above Thalmia!) is in fine fettle. It’s great to have video comms in this technology rich age!


  5. Sorry I missed you rounding Portland Bill! Glad you’ve had fair weather so far. Safe sailing & enjoy the calm nights! Looking forward to your next update Derek!
    Marieke x


  6. Good progress Derek. During the current easterlies you might want to venture the short distance to Newtown Creek where there is buoyage/anchorage.
    Beaulieu is worth a trip and there is river moorings at sensible prices but no services.
    Chichester is also a short hop but can be a tricky entrance.
    Take care and enjoy.


    1. Thanks Keith. Those are all on my radar. Newtown and Beaulieu I’ve visited before and like them a lot. Chichester would be a good place to be waiting for better winds. It’ll be a last minute decision en route as I move a bit further east but in the shelter of Solent harbours!


  7. Great News. All the very, very best and luck of course. Stuart

    Sent from my iPhone



  8. Derek I didn’t know you were getting going or I would have wished you well before. I hope bodily and maritime equipment perform well and the passage is interesting to the optimal degree. Best wishes Alan


  9. Thankyou for the update Derek. We will be following you with interest. Be safe. Wendy


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