Should I stay or should I go?

Not just some well known lyrics but an actual dilemma for cautious sailors like me. Visiting Lundy island was one of the joys I had to forego on my round Britain trip in 2021 as the weather, or more particularly the winds, were not right for the very limited anchorage on the island. Last yearContinue reading “Should I stay or should I go?”

New perspectives on Thalmia

I do hope you all had a good year in 2022. For Thalmia and I it has been a great year for sailing. Crossing the Channel in May to Guernsey, Sark, Jersey, St Malo and up the river Rance to Dinan. Then the Scillies in June where Ruth and I revisited many of our favouriteContinue reading “New perspectives on Thalmia”

Second best is still very good!

July and August were quieter sailing months. Family took precedence. Thalmia and I did join in a “race” to Dartmouth in August. There was very little wind so the challenge was getting there under sail power only! We managed it, singlehanded, including a fair stretch with the cruising chute – drawing well! I had hopedContinue reading “Second best is still very good!”

Do not go gentle …..

Dylan Thomas had it right! Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. It’s been two years that we haven’t “done” the Isles of Scilly. First the pandemic, then last year was consumed by my circumnavigation of the wider Isles of Britain – well someContinue reading “Do not go gentle …..”

The grand finale!

Calm seas and settled weather meant I could anchor in Carbis bay off the harbour at St Ives. Although Thalmia could take the ground, and in settled conditions like this settling on the hard sand in the harbour would have been ok, I wanted to start early the following day, at low water, to roundContinue reading “The grand finale!”

Into the home straight!

I had a moment of panic after I departed from Pwllheli when the autohelm alarm went off and the message “Drive lost” appeared! I pushed home the plug in the socket however and drive returned! I would hate to think of the implications of a failure in this my trusted crew member – especially onContinue reading “Into the home straight!”

Are we there yet?

That was a frequent complaint from the back of the family car on long journeys. Or on a long climb up a hill which the parents had decided was a good thing to do. For the latter the response was “it’s just around the next bend!” …… I have a few more ‘bends’ to goContinue reading “Are we there yet?”

Heading South!

It was sad to see a marina with real potential suffer from lack of investment. The lease on the marina at Kerrera (Oban) is apparently changing hands imminently so let’s hope investment follows. Currently the ferryman is also the berth marshal and the chef is also the crane driver! Someone commented that he would beContinue reading “Heading South!”

Over the sea to Skye

Saying goodbye to Ruth was not easy. We spent a wonderful 10 days together meandering through the Caledonian canal and exploring around Fort William but now it was back to singlehanded sailing! My plan had been to anchor in Port Ramsay tucked in amongst several small low lying islands towards the southern end of LochContinue reading “Over the sea to Skye”

Accompanied through the Caledonian Canal

So for this stage Ruth joined me having flown to Inverness from Bristol! Talk about taking the easy route! Actually handling a 32ft yacht through all the locks singlehanded would have been very difficult and very unpopular with the canal staff. Smaller boats can possibly be walked through singlehanded but not Thalmia! So Ruth’s companyContinue reading “Accompanied through the Caledonian Canal”

To Inverness – another milestone! (and 897 Nautical Miles (NM) so far!)

Thursday 20th May and I was still in Eyemouth. We had heavy rain for 24 hrs. In reality I haven’t had that much rain (so far). I’ve sometimes seen it over land but stayed dry at sea! Anyway, I set up my rather splendid cockpit tent. The tent must have cost the previous owners aContinue reading “To Inverness – another milestone! (and 897 Nautical Miles (NM) so far!)”